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July 16th 2015
We are very pleased that an early draft of "The Latchkey Child" was chosen as a Semi-Finalist in the Nashville Film Festival and a Quarter Finalist in the 7th annual StoryPros Screenwriting Competition in 2014.  Both were in the horror category. We have been busy on a more refined draft of the script and have also written a short based on the main feature that we intend to produce in house....stay tuned.

June 6th 2014
We have been busy on a stop-motion project that features a pretty charming rogue...details to follow...

Dec 12th 2013
The latest draft of The Latchkey Child, a feature length Horror script, is finally complete.

October 1st 2013
Work on Both the iPad-iBooks version of Defenders is being planned along side the Sequel which picks up right where the first Book ends.  Some other exciting projects are in the pipe...

Sept 12th 2013
We will be in the Burbank/Los Angeles Area Sept 20th onwards for the INKTIP Screenwriting event.  If you would like to meet with us, feel free to send us an email and we can schedule a meeting.  See you there!

June 12th 2012
Work on a new Stop motion Viral campaign has begun!

Jan 2011
Defenders of the Scroll has been awarded the Mom’s Choice Award!!!

Sept 18th 2009
Yo Joe...during the last several months we’re thrilled to have worked on the viral mini movie GI Joe: The Invasion of Cobra Island in support of the GI Joe Rise of Cobra feature film produced by Paramount and Hasbro.  Please check out our production blog to get some behind the scenes info.

July 5th 2009
Defenders of the Scroll The book is starting to trickle out into retail at select bookstores across Canada, check out www.defendersofthescroll.com for further updates...

October 9th 2008
We have just set up our new youtube channel for kid friendly content...check it out at www.youtube.com/kids

June 13th to the 16th 2008
Defenders of the Scroll will be showcased at the Toronto Book Expo 2008, hope to see you there.



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